Belmont High School NJROTC
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Belmont High School NJROTC

2323 Mapleview Ave.
Dayton, OH 45420
United States

Unit info:
Area Manager--LCDR Hammes
NSI--CDR. William R. Cottrel,USN, Ret., NSI
ANSI--ETCS(SS). Richard Ludvigsen, USN, Ret.,ANSI
ANSI--MSGT. Thomas Oliver, USMC, Ret., ANSI
Battalion CO--C/CDR William Storms
Battalion XO-C/LCDR Brian Klein
Company A CO--C/LCDR Jason Adams
Company A XO--C/ENS Lakesha Taiwo
Company B CO--C/LT Daniel Rihm
Company B XO--C/LTJG Shondele Gillens
**This Chain of Command is official**

SPECIAL NOTICE: Our unit sponsored a Drill Meet that took
place on 19 April 1997 from 0800 to 1600. We
had multiple events. These events included: Armed
and Unarmed Drill, Exhibition Drill, Unit Personnel
Inspection, Postal Air Rifle Competition, and Postal
Academic Team Competition. This was our first
year. We hope to expand in the coming years. If
you have any comments or would like some
information on this event please
use "Snail Mail"(Surface Mail) or E-Mail.
The Results are in:
Northmont High School NJROTC-
--Total Points=2214.7

Greenville High School NJROTC-
--Total POints=1859.3

Belmont High School NJROTC
--Total Points=2918.5
Commander's Thoughts: For this week
Check back later

Rifle Team Notes:
Our Rifle Team meets every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1405-1530, the range officer is Commander William R. Cottrel
a Master Marksman. We have a team of about 8-10 cadets. Our first two meetings have seemed to show that we have some gifted shooters, and we are proud to have them on our team. We are looking for some units that sponser postal rifle competitions to give us a schedule we are looking to improve our abilities and competing against other units would begin a relationship that there might not have been before.

Drill Team Notes:
Our Drill Team is being overseen by Master Seargeant Thomas Oliver from the U.S. Marine Corps. This will be a change from the past years because we have never had a Marine instructor before. But I will have to say that there is a definite improvement from last year!!! We also have a great Exhibition Drill Team, overseen by Cadet Eddie Barlow. They helped clinch the Overall Trophy at our Drill Meet.

Color Guard Notes:
Please check back later!

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